Ibiza Rocks Residency


...with your help! [UPDATED!]

[FINAL UPDATE] So I made it all the way to the final 5, but it wasn't to be this time round. Congrats to the two winners, Ste-V-Something (Ibiza Rocks) and Sicarious (Mallorca Rocks), hope you both have a great time this summer! :) [/FINAL UPDATE]

[UPDATE] So, we passed the 100 plays in just over a day!?! Awesome news!! Huge thanks to everyone who's taken the time to listen :) ...but let's not stop there, keeps the plays coming and let's see how far we can take it ! Woo!! [/UPDATE]

It's no secret I would absolutely love to play over at Ibiza Rocks, the music policy seems to be a very natural fit for what I play not to mention it would be an amazing experience!

So, I need your help.

The Ibiza Rocks crew are running a competition to find a couple more resident DJs for the summer. you have to create a mix (check!), upload it to mixcloud with appropriate titles/tags/image (check!) and get AT LEAST 100 plays (help!).

All you need to do is hit the play button below and sit back and enjoy the tunes! Also if you happen to enjoy what you're hearing and have a mixcloud account, why not hit the little 'heart' button to show it some love :)


:: Ed

Ibiza Rocks DJ Competition by Ed Wilder on Mixcloud

Extra Special Sat Club NME


Goose! Autokratz! Me! All for a fiver!

So for the past 6 years Club NME has been a top Friday night destination for the party people of London.

Now in a special one-off who-knows-if-we'll-do-it-again type thing, Club NME is taking over Sat night too this week (Sat 10th March).

To mark this special occaision they pulled out the big guns (or should that be synths?) with the electro-ly awesome Goose headlining, and boisterous duo Autokratz in support.

Of course there's also the small matter of me playing a few tunes to help everyone into the early hours... ;)

All this for FIVE POUNDS, on a Sat night, in London!! A rediculous bargin!

For even more info and ticketeting things, head over to the KOKO website.

Lucky Day Remix Video


Original video + Remix = Remix Video

Some lovely soul going by the name of 'GagaMonsterKing' has created a video for my Nicola Roberts remix that was released last year.

Using the original video for the single and matching the segments to the vocals used in the remix, the result isn't too bad at all, take a look...

New Year, New Year


So much going on, shame I never tell anyone...

The subheading sums it all up quite well. I'm perpetually busy with so many different things, yet the last update to this lovely site was over 6 months ago!?!

I've completed a slew of remixes, continued to DJ around London and Europe, joined a band (more on that in a future post!) and got involved with putting together a new music TV Show/new music platform; Rule Britannia.

Rule Britannia is our attempt at getting smaller/unknown/unsigned bands as mush exposure as possible. With an aforementioned TV show in the works (progress is slow, but steady), we're launching another arm of the brand, the live club night, on Fri 27th Jan.

So get yourself down to see Slydigs and Craven Braves playing live, plus myself and Bonnie & Carly, also from the TV show, behind the decks, all at our wonderfully eccentric venue Dickens World, in Chatham Kent.

Popjustice ‘Song of the Day’


Nicola Remix gets the 'almighty' seal of approval!

So my 'unofficial-but-now-officially-sanctioned' remix of Nicola Roberts, Beat of My Drum, has been awarded 'Song of the Day' over on Popjustice.com! Yay!

Why not head on over and check it out! :)

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